Beginners may experience a mild soreness or achiness the day following each practice session. This soreness is due to the release of built up toxins and lactic acid.

The discomfort is short-lived, and with regular practice, it too shall pass. The body may feel lethargic or tired during the initial weeks.The body is detoxifying, cleansing, and regenerating.

Some people have more energy after doing yoga, creating it tough to go asleep. If this happens, practice yoga in the morning. This heightened state of energy will balance in a few days.

Yoga directly effects the biochemistry of the body. Many individuals experience a change in their appetite, an increase in urination, or regular bowel movements. Keep the body hydrated. Peaks and valleys are common to all yoga practices.

Some days the body will be very strong and on others very flexible. There may be weeks where there is no significant change at all. Continue the practice persistently.

yoga an art

yoga is a way of life. An art that can be perfectly attained on regular practice and devotion.Regular practising and proper breathing regenerates our cells making us more active,energetic and more vibrant a healthy and live soul. I am practising yoga as a student since last 15 years.Mere missing yoga practice sometimes seems to be a loss of the divine energy we are blessed within.

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